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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame™ was developed by John G. Louis, LMT.  The patent pending self massage tool provides precise therapeutic techniques such as trigger-point, muscle stripping and cross fiber friction.  It’s terrific for the back, neck, shoulders and more. Its rigid tube is made of high-quality stainless steel, a substantial improvement over the competitive products in this genre which are all made of inferior plastic.  At the same time, the metal tip is soft-coated in plastisol which accurately replicates a therapist’s thumb.  

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About Us

Since 1980, John G. Louis LMT has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in sports medicine and rehabilitation and was inducted into the 

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2022. Louis is an inventor of numerous product concepts, educator, and therapist for some of the world’s best professional athletes. As the CEO and founder of Acuforce International, Inc. (1999), John markets multiple patented soft-tissue therapy tools.

From Our Clients

At least one major factor for the improved performance of Saturday night's Game 1 World Series starter is a more relaxed, flexible body resulting from extensive treatment from team massage therapist.
Fred Mitchell
Chicago Tribune - October 22, 2005

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